Full Virginia IET Checklist

The Checklist is adapted from Virginia’s IET Planning Tool and from the IET Design Camp Toolkit developed through the American Institutes for Research (2020).

How to use the IET Checklist

  • The IET Checklist is a step-by-step guide to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate an IET program. Each item on the checklist is a clickable link to resources and tools to assist the team in completing each step.
  • The checklist is designed to inform the IET Planning tool, a required planning document for AEFLA, IELCE, and PluggedInVA IETs.
  • This checklist is designed for administrators, instructors, and partners to organize the necessary tools they need to collaborate in the planning and implementation of successful IET programs that prepare learners for high-wage jobs and higher levels of education and training to continue their journeys along a career pathway.
  • Use the entire checklist for a big-picture plan, and explore the checklist sections below for more detailed guidance

Checklist Contents

The PluggedInVA model

The IET Checklist items are appropriate for ALL IETs, including PluggedInVA. The PluggedInVA page features resources specific to the PluggedInVA model.


Part 1. IET Self-assessment

As a foundational part of IET planning, the IET self-assessment checklist provides a structure for researching and identifying IET planning needs, collecting information on how an IET might address needs, and preparing to engage with partners to design and implement an IET.

Part II. IET Program Planning and Design

This checklist focuses on collaboration between team members, partners, and stakeholders to design a robust, supportive, and comprehensive IET that fulfills the needs of learners and all stakeholders. Use the tools to outline your team, their roles, a plan for communication, staffing, timelines for planning activities, the IET structure itself, and the data and resources needed to evaluate its implementation and impacts along the way.

Develop the IET needs statement.

Revise the purpose statement with partners, if necessary.

Develop a communication plan.

Develop structures for co-planning.

Develop an IET evaluation plan.

Part III. Learner Experience

Use this checklist and the linked resources to plan for a comprehensive recruitment, intake, and orientation process; to incorporate strategies to support motivation and retention; and to identify and provide wrap-around services to help learners persist.

Determine learner eligibility requirements for supportive services.

Identify and secure access to student supports needed for success.

Identify and support any technology needed for success in the IET, ensuring all learners have appropriate and easy access to what they need.

Identify a college and career navigator.

Develop plans for employment placement.

Create plans for learner retention.

Develop learner follow-up plans to identify post-IET needs and to record successes.

Part IV. Instruction

The checklist and resources here will support your instructional design and guide the process of integrating and contextualizing instruction across all essential components of the IET program.

Identify occupational skills and knowledge needed for success.

Identify workforce preparation activities that learners will need to succeed in and beyond the IET.

Identify the academic skills that learners will need to succeed in and beyond and IET.

Create a single set of learning objectives to integrate and contextualize instruction across the three components.

Develop integrated instructional units with sample activities that integrate the three IET components.

Incorporate strategies and resources for inclusive learning to expand access to all eligible learners.

Include supports for English learners as needed.

Identify all virtual components of the IET and incorporate explicit instruction on using the tools, as well as ongoing technical supports.

Part V. IET Technical Assistance and Professional Learning Community

For IET technical assistance, reach out to the Virginia Career, Technical, and Adult Education and the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center. To join the IET professional learning community and network, use the buttons below to join the listserv, add your IET information to the state map, and access learning opportunities through the Event Calendar.

Contact Virginia’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (CTAE).

Contact the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center (VALRC).