PluggedInVA is a career pathways program that provides motivated adult learners with a contextualized high school equivalency (HSE) curriculum integrated with industry-specific technical training as a means to develop essential workplace skills for entry-level jobs in targeted industries.

Central to the PluggedInVA curriculum is the development of digital literacy skills, strong academic and literacy skills, and workforce readiness skills to prepare learners for employment in a variety of industries as they complete an HSE credential, if needed, and earn industry-recognized and stackable credentials.


The resources here were developed for the PluggedInVA model, a career pathways framework that aligns with WIOA’s guidance for IET. There are additional requirements for a PluggedInVA model, including a capstone project. To note, the Implementation Guide was developed when a minimum number of 12 postsecondary credit hours were a requirement; that is no longer a requirement of PluggedInVA.

PluggedInVA Implementation Guide (2012)

This PluggedInVA Implementation Guide was developed to reflect the current development and implementation practices in 2012. Some of the requirements are no longer in effect, particularly the requirement for 12 transferable community college credit hours. The model, however, is still in place, and the process for development remains the same.

PluggedInVA Instructor's Manual (2010)

The PluggedInVA Instructor’s Manual was created in 2010 as a part of the development of the PluggedInVA model. It focuses on strategies for integrating adult basic education into occupational and workforce content.

Partnerships in Planning Checklist

Use this checklist to support the development of your IET timeline and partner engagement.

A Curriculum Framework for Contextualized Instruction for Workforce Readiness

This framework features strategies, templates, sample timelines, and resources for planning integrated and contextualized instruction for IETs.

PluggedInVA: Research and Program Development

Module A of the PluggedInVA development guide includes tools for assessing the labor market and training needs for an IET. The module provides tools for identifying employment opportunities and gaps in available training.

PluggedInVA: Partnerships and Planning

Use this module to outline potential partner roles and contributions, as well as program staffing, sample memoranda of understanding (MOUs), and project development timelines.

PluggedInVA: Curriculum Development

This module covers the content, instructor training, learner outcomes and expectations, data collection practices, and instructor training to effectively integrate and deliver contextualized content as part of an IET.