Redesigning IET

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In August 2020, the Department of Education and the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center (VALRC) facilitated a two-day IET meeting for all adult education programs to focus on redesigning IETs for new distance-oriented learning environments. The meeting focused on virtual and distance instructional delivery, online credential options, support for English learners in IETs, and workshopping the IET planning tool to develop fully integrated IET Programs. The resources below were identified during the meeting breakout discussions as important issues for realigning IET programming to new distance learning environments. 

Five sections are covered in Part II of this guidance document.

Resources for these five topics may be located by clicking on the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

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  1. Managing the IET timeline with concurrent IET activities
  2. Integrating learning support services
  3. Building partnerships and identifying partner contributions  
  4. Enhancing recruitment and screening processes
  5. Supporting English learners in IET

For Technical Assistance with IET

Professional Development page for the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education at the Virginia Department of Education

This page includes links to the video tutorials, including the video below on IET, and the IET planning tool. 

Watch the Integrated Education and Training 2020 Technical Assistance video with the Virginia Community College System 

This video was recorded in July 2020 as a collaborative effort between the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center, and the Virginia Community College System to share innovations and important considerations for IET design and delivery. The 26-minute video covers how IETs fit into Virginia’s vision through the Combined State Plan, the benefits of using IET to offer transformative learning, considerations with IET students, funding opportunities, and technical assistance with IET planning tools. 

IET Blueprint, the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center

The IET Blueprint is a concise, printable pdf containing a collection of resources for the three required components of an IET program, a glossary, and technical assistance on the IET Planning tool, including sample responses for each part of the tool.