Learner Support Services

Learner Support Services

  • How can we effectively connect with our partners to integrate supportive services for more of our learners?

Use this document to locate local offices for partner services. A map of service providers is in development. This map will allow you to see where offices are located in your regions.

The following steps help support IET programs with identifying and securing supports for their learners.

Step 1: Find out which supportive services are available for your learners.

Which supports are available under which funding streams as a part of WIOA?

Chart of funding streams that support wrap-around services under WIOA

(Full Resource: CLASP appendix on supports under WIOA)

Step 2: Identify your local Career Works Center to coordinate and develop a process to connect learners to supportive services for which they are eligible.

Virginia Career Works: An online one-stop shop for information about and links to resources to support the workforce development system, including job seekers, practitioners, and employers.

Step 3. Consider multiple methods to screen your learners and to determine their eligibility for services.


A multi-step screening and intake process may help determine which learners are ready to commit to a rigorous IET program.

  • Application form
  • Interview
  • References from community members
  • Writing sample (may also be used to ask about motivations for applying)
  • Goal-setting
  • Intake assessment (e.g., TABE, CASAS)
  • Career interest inventory (e.g., VaWizard, CareerScope)
  • Orientation session(s)
  • Learner commitment form
  • Informal or formal counseling to identify learner challenges and barriers to completion and brainstorm solutions
  • Referrals to support services and/or other adult education programming if appropriate


Arrange for supportive services representatives to attend an intake or orientation session to work with learners at the site for greater efficiency and a higher likelihood of form completion.

Contact information for local field offices for each service may be found here and available in the local Career Works Centers.

  • Career Works: OneStop Center
  • Adult education programming, such as tutoring or additional academic skills coursework or digital literacy work
  • Department of Social Services
  • Virginia Employment Commission, Trade Assistance
  • Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services
  • Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired