Partnerships & Partner Contributions

Partnerships and Partner Contributions

  • What are partners providing to the IET? How are they supporting learners in the IET?

A good first step in approaching and working with partners is to consider their potential interests in working with an IET program. This image from The Career Pathways Planner  (OCTAE, 2016) provides initial ideas to start planning.

Potential partner interests

Consider partner interests in planning an IET

Career Pathway Planner, Moving Pathways Forward, OCTAE, 2016, p. 18.

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Local Workforce Development Boards: locate where you are on the interactive map (map coming soon) for more information and to learn in which of the 15 local workforce development regions you and your partner services are operating.


Click here to locate any Virginia state agency.

Agency Table

The Table below links specifically to agencies associated with the four titles of WIOA in Virginia.

Title Title I Title II Title III Title IV
Agencies Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, Virginia Department of Education The Virginia Economic Commission (VEC)

Department of Social Services (DSS)

Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and the Department for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI)
Regional and state contact information Links to maps/regional contacts (coming soon!)

College Locator

Office of Career-Technical, and Adult Education contact page VEC local offices

Local Social Service offices


DARS state contact information (offices are closed due to COVID)

DBVI regional offices

Partner Resources for Adult Learners Virginia Education Wizard, an online interactive tool for exploring career pathways, training opportunities, and funding options

CollegeAnywhereVA, a catalogue of all of Virginia’s colleges’ online courses

FastForward, FastForward is a short-term training program for high-demand industries, helping Virginians get the jobs they want and the salaries they need. Our training is offered locally through Virginia’s Community Colleges and online

Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center: resources and professional development for adult instruction and program design

IET Blueprint: Guidance and resources for designing and delivering IET programming

Virginia Workforce Connection: information and resources for job seekers 

DSS Assistance Programs: SNAP, TANF, Childcare, COVID emergency resources

Virginia 211: a confidential way to locate services in your community 

DARS services for autism, deaf and hard of hearing, employment, rehabilitation technology, mental illness, substance abuse, and others 

Career Pathways for Individuals with Disabilities (CPID): learn about their short-term academies and their projects with adult education to increase access to training and employment  

Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) Career Pathways Series: resources for enhancing inclusion in career pathways systems

  • How are programs communicating with industry partners?

Engaging Employers, VALRC

This resource has been developed by the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center (VALRC) as part of Virginia’s SNAP E&T Grant pilot project. The content is intended to be used as technical assistance for career coaches, instructors, and other staff working with adult learners to engage with employers in three stages of the workforce development process: in planning a program, in the implementation of the program, and in employment placement for clients.

This tip sheet summarizes steps and strategies for interacting with and engaging employers in the development and implementation of IET programming. 

Employer Engagement Resources Handbook

This resource was developed in partnership with the Virginia Community College System and includes resources and information from partner agencies, as well as links to several colleges’ career centers.