Program Planning and Design Checklists


This page page contains two checklists: one for IET self-assessment and one for program planning and design. Each checklist includes action items with accompanying resources. The checkboxes can be used to track progress while you’re in the site, and they’ll clear when you leave the page. 

Part 1. IET Self-assessment


As a foundational part of IET planning, the IET self-assessment checklist provides a structure for researching and identifying IET planning needs, collecting information on how an IET might address needs, and preparing to engage with partners to design and implement an IET.

Part II. IET Program Planning and Design


This checklist focuses on collaboration between team members, partners, and stakeholders to design a robust, supportive, and comprehensive IET that fulfills the needs of learners and all stakeholders. Use the tools to outline your team, their roles, a plan for communication, staffing, timelines for planning activities, the IET structure itself, and the data and resources needed to evaluate its implementation and impacts along the way.

Revise the purpose statement with partners, if necessary.

Develop a communication plan.

Develop structures for co-planning.

Develop an IET evaluation plan.

Additional IET Program Planning and Design Resources

ATLAS Adult Career Pathways Resources

Check out the ATLAS Adult Career Pathways Resources page for tools, guidance, and briefs for planning and designing IET programs, including curricula specific to a range of career clusters.

LINCS IET Design Toolkit

Use the LINCS IET Design Toolkit (2021) for step-by-step guidance on planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating IET programs for adult education.

Career Pathways Toolkit: An Enhanced Guide and Workbook for System Development

The Career Pathways Toolkit: An Enhanced Guide and Workbook for System Development through Workforce GPS includes six downloadable sections that provide guidance, resources, and exemplars for all steps of planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating IET programs.