Part IV. IET Instruction

This checklist provides guidance and resources through the process of integrating and contextualizing content across the three essential components of IET: academic and literacy skills, workforce readiness preparation activities, and occupational training competencies. 

Part IV. Instruction

The checklist and resources here will support your instructional design and guide the process of integrating and contextualizing instruction across all essential components of the IET program.

Identify occupational skills and knowledge needed for success.

Identify workforce preparation activities that learners will need to succeed in and beyond the IET.

Identify the academic skills that learners will need to succeed in and beyond and IET.

Create a single set of learning objectives to integrate and contextualize instruction across the three components.

Develop integrated instructional units with sample activities that integrate the three IET components.

Incorporate strategies and resources for inclusive learning to expand access to all eligible learners.

Include supports for English learners as needed.

Identify all virtual components of the IET and incorporate explicit instruction on using the tools, as well as ongoing technical supports.

CAST: Universal Design for Learning

Explore the CAST site for Universal Design for Learning. The organization provides frameworks, lessons, online tools, and instructional resources for inclusive designs that enhance learning for ALL students.


Developing Basic Skills Curriculum for IET: A Guide for the Pathways to Employment Program

This guide was informed by preexisting curricula in FIT 4 Manufacturing; FIT 4 Healthcare; Emergency Medical Technician; and Mechanical Components: Mechanical Maintenance, Level 1 developed by Pennsylvania College of Technology; and other IET-related programs, such as Accelerating Opportunity, PluggedInVA, Work Attributes Towards Careers in Health (WATCH), and Elgin Community College Courses. It provides resources and tools that will help practitioners plan, design, and implement the basic skills component of an IET curriculum.