Occupational Training Resources

Occupational Training Resources

Definition of occupational / workforce training

Workforce training — AEFLA funds may only be used for training when that training is offered as a component of an approved IET. Services may include:

  1. occupational skills training, including training for nontraditional employment;
  2. on-the-job training;
  3. incumbent worker training (see definition);
  4. programs that combine workplace training with related instruction, which may include cooperative education programs;
  5. training programs operated by the private sector;
  6. skill upgrading and retraining;
  7. entrepreneurial training;
  8. transitional jobs;
  9. job readiness training provided in combination with services described in any of the items 1-8 above;
  10. adult education and literacy activities, including activities of English language acquisition and integrated education and training programs, provided concurrently or in combination with services described in 1-7 above; and
  11. customized training conducted with a commitment by an employer or group of employers to employ an individual upon successful completion of the training.

Offering IET with Workforce Training at a Distance

As more educational and training institutions move to virtual platforms, IET programs are also adapting to the new reality of distance learning. Below are resources for continuing IET programming at a distance. This list will grow as more training opportunities move to virtual and distance platforms.

See this Postsecondary Credentials with Training and Credentials Available Online.

For occupational training integration at a distance, programs in Virginia are

  • Working with training partners to develop training videos and online options for instruction, especially for jobs that include a skills component in their certification, such as C.N.A. and NCCER-related fields.
  • Utilizing training partners’ online offerings, such as those available through the Community College Workforce Alliance and other colleges.  
  • Keeping learners engaged with stackable online credentials, such as OSHA 10 and NCCER Core.
  • Refocusing IET offerings to include postsecondary training and credentials that can be completed online. See the list above. 
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