Unit One: Communication Assessments

Unit One: Communication in the Workplace Assessments

Lesson 1

  • Unit 1-lesson 1-assess At the end of the lesson, assess your student’s progress and work for each activity.

Lesson 2 Unit 1-lesson 2-assess

Lesson 3 Lesson 3-Assessment

Lesson 4 Lesson 4-Assessment

Lesson 5 Lesson 5-assessment

Lesson 6

  • Post self-assessment  At the end of the unit, ask your students to assess their knowledge about communication. Compare the pre and post self-assessments to determine how  much the students felt they learned. Ask them if their pre self-assessment about their communication skills was too low or too high or if it was just right. Ask them if the post self-assessment helped them to see how much they learned.


Unit One: Communication