Unit 1: Communication in the Workplace

PathwaysAbout Unit 1: Communication skills are high on the list of soft skills that employers expect their employees to have, whether they are entering the workplace for the first time or working in a highly skilled environment.Good communication skills are also necessary for the development of self-advocacy and self-determination, important skills for lifelong learning and success in the workplace. Header

Introduction to Unit 1: Introduction_Teacher. Includes college career readiness standards

Lesson 1: What is Communication?

Lesson 2: Body Language

Lesson 3: Active Listening

Lesson 4: Communication Styles

Lesson 5: Good Communication Skills at Work

Lesson 6: Review and Reflection

Assessments: Pre and Post Self-Assessments and end of lesson assessments

Appendix Stories: Six additional stories for reading practice

Additional Materials: Include video transcripts of longer videos

Appendix Materials: Extra teachers materials and reports and handouts for student practice


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