TAA and PluggedInVA

The resources on this site will help support partnerships and collaboration between Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Navigators and Adult Education programs for the development of PluggedInVA programs. Watch the video presentation about TAA-Adult education collaborations to build PluggedInVA. Scroll down to find additional partnership resources: a TAA Navigator Map with Contact Information, a sample PluggedInVA-TAA contract, a sample MOU and planning tool, and a Partnerships in Planning Checklist. Click the links below each document to download them to your computer.

TAA Navigator Map and Contact Information This map shows the 17 Workforce Development regions. Below you will find the TAA Navigators’ contact information and their corresponding regions.

Check out the TAA Navigators Map and Contact Information resource below to find the Navigator in your region.

Templates for Contracts and Memoranda of Understanding The following document is a template for a contract between the VEC and a state agency school (or school division) to provide a course of training for TAA-eligible clients. Below the contract template is a sample Memorandum of Understanding for developing and implementing a PluggedInVA program for TAA-impacted workers. A third Partnerships in Planning document is available as a detailed outline of the steps usually required to plan and deliver a PluggedInVA program. Use these documents to support the planning and development of partnerships between TAA Navigators and adult education programs.

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