Supporting ELLs in IET

Supporting English language learners in IET/IELCE programs

The IELCE section of the IET Blueprint website provides resources for the three required components of IELCE: English language and literacy instruction, Civics instruction and workforce preparation and career pathways resources. 

Additional Resources: 

Helping Adult English Language Learners Transition into Other Educational Programs

While the focus of this site is on ELLs continuing to college-level programs, it contains useful information on categories of ELLs, academic challenges, and useful ways to support these learners with orientation and counseling.

Promoting Learner Transitions to Postsecondary Education and Work: Developing Academic Readiness Skills from the Beginning

This CAELA brief looks at academic skills such as thinking critically and organizing information and then suggests ways they can be incorporated into ESL classes to prepare students for transition into content area learning.

What Teachers Should Know About Instruction for English Language Learners

Washington state has assembled a report discussing the difficulties inherent in each academic content area for ELLs.

Additional resources for Adult ELLs can be found on the Model Programs section of the IET Blueprint website

“Voices from the Field” 

[Video forthcoming]

This video includes testimonials from programs across Virginia in how they are supporting English language learners in their IET programs. The best practices include:

  1. Creating two-part IET programs 
  2. Coordinating tutoring support