Lesson 3: Communication in the Workplace

Lesson 3: Active Listening

The purpose of this lesson is to emphasize the importance of good listening skills when communicating at work, in the community, and with family and friends. Clear communication is especially important in school and at work. Poor listening skills can lead to many misunderstandings. Sometimes a speaker is not clear, or a listener is thinking about other things while the speaker is talking.
Activity 1: Active Listening Student handouts

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Lesson 3: Active Listening  Active Listening-Student
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Note: We suggest that you encourage students to access websites and videos online when it is possible. MP4s of videos are available for students who have no internet access at home or for teachers with poor internet access in school. MP3 podcasts of student stories and video transcripts are also available. These podcasts encourage students to practice reading independently and work on their fluency.

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