Model Programs, Partnerships, and Adult ELL Resources

Integrated education and training (IET) is an adult education and workforce development program model that provides simultaneous instruction in basic skills such as math, reading, or spoken English, workplace readiness activities, as well as occupational or industry-specific training.

IET Models and Policy

  • CLASP memo on IET model programs for building career pathways at every skill level. The 2017 memo includes an official definition of IET, information on funding and reporting on IET, and links to model IET programs.

Downloadable Tools for Soliciting Partner Support and for Workplace Instruction

  • This collection of downloadable tools and resources from the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service site range from 2001 – 2016 on the following topics: WIOA related resources; steps towards certification for well-educated refugees; job readiness activities; vocabulary picture guides; job development resources; and more.

Pathways Programs for ESL and Low Literate Adult Basic Education Students

Most non-profit community-based adult literacy programs (CBLOs) are unable to offer a full range of IET instruction and partnership training due to the very low literacy levels of the adults they serve. Nevertheless, most low literate adults come to CBLOs for instruction to improve their job skills or find better employment. The following resources offer ways that CBLOs can teach workforce skills to adults to help them embark on the Career Pathways ladder. (Note: Most of these resources are for ESL students or immigrants, but the information is also extremely helpful for adult education and literacy instruction.)