At the beginner reading levels assessing student progress is as important as at more advanced levels. An initial TABE, BEST plus test, or other reading tests, such as the Schlossen, reading lists, DARS, or the booklet provided by LITSTART, and the students’ pre self-assessment should provide teachers with a starting point for the initial lesson and the pace for completing activities.

Weekly observational assessments provide teachers with opportunities to:

  • Adjust lessons to individual student needs or a multi-level group, and achievements in learning.
  • Use the end-of-lesson assessment as a review to assess student progress. Observational assessments are a particularly effective tool to use with individual students during private discussions to determine mastery of certain skills and the student’s comfort level with the curriculum.

After completing the five lessons and any additional activities you might have chosen, ask students to complete a post self-assessment. Find assessment forms for each lesson below.

Subject Link
Pre self-assessment Form
Lesson 1: Assessment Form
Lesson 2: Assessment  Form
Lesson 3: Assessment  Form
Lesson 4: Assessment  Form
Lesson 5: Assessment  Form
Post self-assessment  Form

Additional assessments:

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