Appendix Materials: Communication in the Workplace

Appendix Materials

The teacher handouts instruct teachers and tutors more clearly about activities designed to help students improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition as they learn workplace skills. Appendix materials provide teacher instructions, PDF documents for student use, and online links for more information on the topic.

Subject Links
ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES Teacher guide Student Handouts Online Links
1: Directed Reading Thinking About Directed Reading Thinking Activities West Virginia Department of Education Online Links
2a: Why KWL Graphic Organizer Why KWL graphic organizer KWL Reading Strategies
2b: KWL Chart
KWL Chart Online Chart
3: Teaching Vocabulary Teaching Vocabulary Words Edutopia: Tips for Teaching Vocabulary
4: Venn Diagram Blank VENN Diagram Higher Order Thinking with Venn Diagrams
5: Story Outline Story Outline Plot: Readworks
6. Main Idea Map Main Idea Map Variety of Main Idea Graphic Organizers


Unit One: Communication