Additional Instructional & Employment Resources

Employment Resources

  • Career Clusters: The National Career Clusters® Framework, from Advance CTE:  As an organizing tool for curriculum design and instruction, Career Clusters provide the essential knowledge and skills for the 16 Career Clusters and their Career Pathways. It also functions as a useful guide in developing programs of study bridging secondary and postsecondary curriculum and for creating individual student plans of study for a complete range of career options.


Curriculum & Lesson Plans


  • Basic Curricular Lesson Plans, Integrated Education and Training (IET) Library, A Pathways to Employment Initiative, Penn State, 2017. In this online resource find:

1. Emergency Medical Technician Lesson Plans;
2. Fit4 Healthcare/Foundational Skills in Healthcare Lesson Plans;
3. FIT4 Advanced Manufacturing/Foundational Skills in Manufacturing Lesson Plans; and
4. Mechanical Components/Mechanical Maintenance Foundations Lesson Plans


  • Lesson Bank from Kentucky Adult Education: The KYAE Skills U Lesson Bank is a repository of standards-based units and lessons created by KYAE Skills U instructors. KYAE Skills U has developed a process for lesson acceptance which includes a template with specific guidance on what should be included in each section, and a rubric for scoring. All lessons and units have undergone a rigorous vetting process to ensure they are relevant and appropriate to the adult learner.

Lesson Plans for Community-Based Literacy Program Volunteers and Staff That Teach the Lowest Literacy Level Adult Learners


  • Educator’s Toolkit for Career and Education Planning, Florida Department of Education.  This Toolkit provides easy access to classroom activities, lesson plans, and related web-based resources. Each module includes a module description, lesson plans with student handouts, recommended websites for additional information, and a glossary for the unit. This online resource, designed for middle school children but easy to modify for low literate adults, includes the following modules:

List of 8 Course Standards (PDF)

Crosswalk of Standards and Lesson Plans (PDF)

High School Course Plan Worksheet (PDF)

High School Course Plan Worksheet (Word)