Additional Activities: Safety in the Workplace

Additional Activities

These additional activities provide teachers with the opportunity to meet their students’ literacy levels and personal interests as well as additional practice. These activities may also be assigned to more advanced students who progress more rapidly than their classmates. New workplace skills are also introduced.

Subject Links
Additional Activities Teacher guide
1: Analyze these workplaces Student handouts mp3s & mp4s
2: Roofing fall injury Student handouts mp3s & mp4s
3: Worker injured during horseplay Student handouts mp3s & mp4s
4: Pool manager electrocuted Student handouts mp3s & mp4s
5: Forklift safety infographic Student handouts mp3s & mp4s
6. Safety on the highway Student handouts mp3s & mp4s

Note: We suggest that you encourage students to access websites and videos online when it is possible. MP4s of videos are available for students who have no internet access at home or for teachers with poor internet access in school. MP3 podcasts of student stories and video transcripts are also available. These podcasts encourage students to practice reading independently and work on their fluency.